Raking Light Projects

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Raking Light Projects is a fine art publisher specializing in the sale of collectible prints created by skilled tattoo artists that aims to bridge the creative values of tattooing, traditional printmaking and fine art. They have teamed up with Great State Gallery to continue to showcase and share artwork created by a select group of working tattooers while increasing art appreciation and ownership. The show at Great State Gallery will consist of both new prints, created specifically for the show or being exhibited for the first time, and catalog prints, prints published by Raking Light Projects over the past six years. The show runs through November 11. 

Under Lock and Key

Dan Smith and Shaun Topper’s most extensive showing to date. UNDER LOCK & KEY consists of over fifty original paintings using authentic mugshots from the 1950’s and 1960’s collected by Smith and Topper. The mugshots have been adorned with artistic additions that give them a brand new identity through mixed media. Maximize your night by having your own mugshot taken in our photo booth!

Show runs through JUNE 19


Deadly Prey

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Deadly Prey at Great State Gallery is a showcase of artwork from Deadly Prey Gallery’s large permanent collection of hand-painted movie posters and haircut signboards from Ghana, West Africa. Since the late 80’s movie poster artists in Ghana have given much special attention to making highly dramatic paintings advertising American, West African, Hong Kong and Indian film. Works on display were made from the early 90’s to present day, featuring poster and sign artists from the region such as Mr. Brew, Leonardo, Salvation, Stoger, Awal Sunil Shetty, JA Pastony, Papa Warsti, Heavy J and Sly Fox. Original hand-painted movie posters, prints, limited edition Deadly Prey tote bags & hand-painted signboards will be available for purchase.